for the last 6years now going on 7years I have been paying Friendly Finance. At one time I got into a financial bind and Friendly Finance said they will put payment towards the end of the loan that doing this will help me get back on my feet., well I got back on my feet and after two more years of paying them non-stop I thought I was done with the loan when I called Friendly Finance to see when I am getting my title they told me I have $7000.00 more too pay!!!

I told them I paid them over $17000.00 and the vehicle was only financed for $14000.00 how is it possible I still have $7000.00 more too pay! they did not have any explanation but to tell me its interest and late fees!!! I was transferred like 3x and the last transfer lady told me she is not able to discuss this over the phone that she will send me the paperwork of my payments made and disconnected the line. I did get a statement of all the payments I made and it clearly show I paid over $17000.00 but there was nowhere in the documents explaining why I owe $7000.00 still and when I called again they kept transferring me again and the call was dropped.

Till this day I am still trying to catch up and bring down the $7000.00 but its not going down!!!

every time I ask how much I have left, NOONE knows!!!

I am tired of this...and feel I paid more for a 2004 Toyota then what will be paid for a new car!!! I am at lost and just don't know how else to fight this., I wish someone will investigate them and just help people that are in same situation as I ...and get answers for us.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problems with payment of friendly finance auto loan. Friendly Finance needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Which Friendly Finance are you with? There are several with that name and they are all different companies. Is it Florida, Maryland or Ca.


I too and going through the same thing but wirse. Not to worry.

Legal action has syarted. You will be notified

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